Hallow Every One !!!!!!!
Today we are going to take a look on how we can disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10 Permanently. This has never been easy as mostly users are advised to go to windows service to change Windows Updates service starting options to disabled, and after sometimes the service starts automatically without the user knowing and start to download updates again. This is really frustrating especially when your using a slow connection or a package that is fixed to a certain amount of MB.
Users mostly end up on blaming the ISP for poor service or “My MB’s are finished up and i have not even used internet at all.
Been playing with Windows 10 for sometimes to have a control on this but it wasn’t that much easy to come into a simple trick that could resolve this issue.

Ok lets get into the hands on and see how we can do this.

First of all, After fresh install of your windows 10, update your devices drivers to make sure your computer is running properly before disabling updates, course after disabling it wont even able to check for drivers updates.

  1. Go to start and type Local Services
  2. Click on the View Local Service to open
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will fine a service called “Windows Updates”
  4. Double click on the service to open it or Right click it and choose properties
  5. Switch to the Logon tab at the top menu of the Windows updates properties
  6. Click on the Browse and select Guest Account, put password 1234 and confirm by applying and ok
  7. The service wont start at all, and windows updates rely on this service to start. the Guest user dont have access to start/stop/restart any service on the computer, so the service wont start and windows updates wont work at all.