KVM is a linux system or tool that is used to host VPS (Virtual Private Servers), its a very light tool, fast and reliable in terms of stability.

I have been using this tool on my servers and client computer, but recently Ubuntu 18.04 changed the way to manage network setup

Rather than configuring the file

where you put all the configurations for static, dhcp and bridging of networks. They came up with a new configuration where the NIC (Network Interface Card) settings are configured on


So i tried to configure static ip on this file, but with a very hard struggling to success

the above configurations worked fine, but if you try to add settings for bridged network, it fails.

I removed all the setings on the /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml and left it with its default configurations as below

After all, i went back to edit the old configuation file vim /etc/network/interfaces and added the below settings, which led to a success of installing VPS and enablled me to route packets from both the host computer and the vps, ping each other without no any problem

Default configurations

Added configurations

This lead to the client and host to aquire ip address automatically and get connected to the internet without no any problem, Before this configurations i was getting the below error when i try to bridge the client with the host network on the libvirt-manager

After successfull bridging i dint get the error anymore

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